Turning Point Special Episode with Rep-Elect Mary Miller, Pastor Todd Coconato & More! | Crossroads

In this special episode of Crossroads from the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in FLorida, we speak with several experts on the current state in America.

Mary Miller, Congresswoman-elect of the Illinois 15th Congressional District, explains how Trump has changed the culture in America. Mark Szuszkiewicz, who ran for NY State Assembly, explains his call for investigations into fraud.

Alex Clark, host of Politics, describes how conservatives are bridging the gap with younger generations. Todd Coconato, Executive Director at the Religious Liberty Coalition, explains the state of religious liberty in the United States.

And Isabel Brown, a Turning Point USA Contributor, explains to us what science says on the virus and lock down policies.

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1:27 America Deciding Its Direction
2:20 Pushing Back On School Indoctrination
3:18 What the United States Needs Most
4:08 Evidence of NY Election Fraud
5:13 Board of Elections Not Cooperating
6:41 Investigations Beyond Presidential Election
7:41 Concerns Within Political Circles
8:41 Speaking Out Against Fraud
10:45 Bringing Youth Back to Conservatism
12:38 Conservatism Is the New Punk
14:08 Giving People a Voice
16:08 Embracing Feminine Virtues
17:34 The Far-Left Is Driving People Away
18:38 Breaking the Conservative Stereotype
19:42 The State of US Religious Freedom
20:25 Keeping the Foundations of America
21:52 Concerns of the ‘Equality Act’
22:35 A Battle of Light and Darkness
23:31 Standing Up for Liberty
24:39 Are Lockdowns Effective?
26:10 Problems Within the Medical Community
27:06 From Medical Student to Student Activism
28:23 Are Politics Taking Over Public Health?
29:29 Science Driven by Politics
30:39 Don’t Be Silenced by Fear

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