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REACTION: Here’s What Unity REALLY Means To Leftists

Ami Horowitz asks New Yorkers what unity means to them and if there are any issues that they’re willing to compromise on. Their answers are shocking — but not surprising. Be sure to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and ring the notification bell. The Making Of The Daily Wire’s First Feature Film ‘RUN HIDE FIGHT’ | Cast Interviews, Auditions, Behind-The-Scenes Footage — https://youtu.be/Rr1bg2UUyW4 Watch the full video I reacted to here — https://business.facebook.com/watch/?v=414529803138906 Other videos you might enjoy: Parler Exec on Being Deplatformed: “I don’t think we were treated fairly at all” — https://youtu.be/vNkOdYfDKTg Why I Left California — https://youtu.be/u978w4CurDk Ben Shapiro Clashes with a Bernie Sanders Supporter (Ariel Gold) — https://youtu.be/TJKynBnhQ8k

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