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How to Have Difficult Political Conversations—Karlyn Borysenko on Cancel Culture, Critical Theory

“this is one of the things that has kept our country so divided. If you think that your neighbors are racist, are you going to try to have a conversation with them? Of course not. But the reality is, and this is what I learned when I had a conversation with this black lives matter activist is that he doesn’t think I’m a racist, just because I’m white. He doesn’t even understand what critical race training is. He admitted that to me off the air. And so if we have a large group of people who really don’t understand this, who we think they think they’re involved in this movement, who we perceive is all about this ideology, but it turns out that they really don’t know what it is. Well, that’s an opportunity if I’ve ever seen one.”

In an era of name-calling, intolerance, and ad hominem attacks, what can the average American do to overcome partisan division?

In this episode, we sit down with Karlyn Borysenko. An organizational psychologist and longtime Democrat, she started exploring her political options after witnessing cancel culture in her knitting community, and chose to support Trump after Trump signed an executive order tackling critical race theory.

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