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Kill Chain – The Cyber War on America’s Elections, 2021


Finnish hacker and election expert Harri Hursti investigates election-related hacks, uncovering just how unprotected voting systems really are.

For those wondering how in the world the 2020 election could simultaneously be heralded “the most secure in US history” by election officials, and called “the greatest theft in the history of America” well then “Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections” (2020) is for you.

Harri Hursti is from Finland, and to establish his credibility we take a look at the Russia / Finland border and see a few of his childhood records establishing his rock-solid security and computer expertise. The highlight of this well-produced documentary was a recent Defcon hacker’s conference, where one of the machines revealed a Windows XP login accessed remotely and hacked into.

Not unexpectedly a number of parties declined to be interviewed for obvious reasons – the software is proprietary, the hardware had all kinds of ports to connect into, they travel to an eBay reseller in Ohio who has stacks of Dominion Systems machines from 2002 readily for sale, still with voting records from 2012 in them.

Is there a Venezuelan connection to Dominion? Servers in Barcelona and Frankfurt? Data on flash drives that get ‘lost’? I was told there was an air gap, that these machines are not connected to the Internet. Who knows, it really doesn’t matter – these voting machines are hopelessly compromised in their current state.

All you have to do is watch this and see for yourself how compromised our voting system in the United States is at present.

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