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Whistleblower Tape: Roberts, Epstein Selling Kids 4 Sale & Clintons Supreme Court Justice [187] Plan -James Red Pills America

This is the COMPILED, FULL VERSION of the ‘pieces’ that are being found online of these leaked videos. WHEN history is written — and NOT the revisionist version — generations to come will truly understand the meaning of the adage, “Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.“ It is with this in mind that the anti-Constitutional actions of Justice Roberts; VP Pence’s confirmation of illegal electors; crooked Hillary’s teflon status, plus a lengthy list of criminal actions from Washington’s top tier, inside and outside the Beltway, will, finally, veer into sharp relief — much credit given to the whistle blower within the two tapes (compiled here into ONE video), courtesy of Lin Wood!

KNOW THIS: While the revealed bullet-proof information is enough to make a sane person howl at the moon, as well as to cause Patriots to question their allegiance to a nation which is capable of housing a criminal cabal akin to the worst of the worst, still yet, the underpinnings of America are (more than) worth saving.

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