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Law Enforcement Expert Details the Six Steps to Survive a Mass Shooting

School safety and mass shooting survival expert John Matthews lays out the six steps you can take to increase your chances of surviving a mass shooting. RUN HIDE FIGHT is available for streaming now at https://www.dailywire.com​​ — exclusively for Daily Wire members. This is the last weekend that you can get 25% off your membership by using the code RHF, so join today! CLICK HERE: https://utm.io/uc2Ui​​ Watch the full trailer here — https://youtu.be/2Kh3jccZocc​ Mass Shooting Safety Expert Breaks Down Scenes From ‘Run Hide Fight’ – https://youtu.be/dLLJlk6b9RA​ The Making Of ‘RUN HIDE FIGHT’ | Cast Interviews, Auditions, Behind-The-Scenes Footage – https://youtu.be/Rr1bg2UUyW4

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