Coconuts or Conch? | 2/12/21

Defense arguments begin in Donald Trump’s impeachment. Biden suggests there may be a travel ban for Florida. Are we wearing masks for the rest of the year? Jeffy joins the show to “Chew the Fat.” Would you take a trip to Mars? Survivors found on a deserted island! Is “The Star-Spangled Banner” racist? New York Times journalist defends his colleague who was fired for using slur. The first 3D-printed house is now available for sale. Missouri considers a law for stopping protesters from blocking roadways. Today’s sponsors: Here’s a special offer to get you started. Order now and get your second bottle free. Visit Go to and use promo code PAT20 to get 20% off your next order. Real estate agents, I trust. The name kind of says it all. Go to ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Pat on Social Media:

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