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Impeachment Managers Ignore Their Own Tyranny


Congress protected by an invisible wall of denial, hubris and a literal barbed wire fence is hurling all the blame they can eke out of one sided media clips. Choreographing a case blaming President Trump for months of incitement that lead to the events on January 6th. But if we dig further back, four years back, it is the left that has been bullying, inciting, threatening, and supporting an unyielding attack on average Americans that have had all they can take. The events on January 6th were the breaking point.

Chinese asset Eric Swalwell and Joaquin Castro attempted to shove the lies down the throats of confused Americans that had bought into the Final Chapter of the manufactured Impeachment narrative.

Madeleine Dean portrayed the plight of the Congress as an isolated incident. Where was this level of concern for the hundreds of residences threatened by their supporters in streets across America? For the family businesses torched? For the people murdered? For the politicians on the other side of the aisle attacked? Mobs they either ignored, supported, or bailed out.

Not one of these so called impeachment managers has taken a hard look at their party’s massive contribution to the true evolution of the mindset behind the rioting. Not to mention that 60 percent of those that breached the Capitol were experiencing desperate financial difficulties as a result of the shutting down of the economy due to their fumbling of Coronavirus relief.

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