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How IBM Helped Hitler & Lessons for Big Tech | Edwin Black | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 97

Edwin Black is the son of Holocaust survivors and an investigative journalist with awards and best-selling books translated into 20 languages in nearly 200 countries. His book “IBM and the Holocaust” examines high tech’s role in killing Jews during the Holocaust and what it can teach us about the dangers of Big Tech today. Edwin has spent enough time in the media to see all of its warts (there are a lot). And he’s speaking out about it and its role in ignoring history at our nation’s peril. He also discusses Disney actress Gina Carano, fired for comparing conservative persecution to the Nazi treatment of the Jews. Our culture is being erased. Our ideals and values are being censored and mocked. Our history is being erased. With another human extermination on the horizon in China, Edwin challenges this with bravery. This Week’s Sponsors: Raycon makes great sound accessible to everyone, with wireless earbuds starting at half the price of other premium audio brands. Whether you’re catching up on your favorite news podcast, binging an audiobook, or powering through your workout with a pumped-up playlist, a pair of Raycons in your ears can make all the difference. Go to BUYRAYCON.com/Glenn and get 15% off. Built Bar Protein Bars are high protein, low calorie, high fiber, and low carb, and they’ve just added six new flavors, including caramel brownie and lemon-almond cheesecake. Go to Builtbar.comand use the promo code “BECK” to get $10 off your first order. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck https://bit.ly/2UVLqhL ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: https://www.blazetv.com/glenn Connect with Glenn on Social Media: http://twitter.com/glennbeck http://instagram.com/glennbeck http://facebook.com/glennbeck

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