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Is Talk Radio in Trouble Now that Rush Limbaugh Has Passed? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 719

America said goodbye to talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh this week. And while many paid their respects to Limbaugh, the Left did not hold back in showing how class-less they are by celebrating his death. Yet they’re the party of “love?” And President Biden says minorities don’t know “how to get online” to get a vaccine. So Biden thinks minorities don’t know how to use the internet? On top of this, Biden gets himself in hot water by his own party in the same town hall by saying he will not forgive $50K in student loan debt. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says Biden is open to considering racial reparations. And lastly, is America finally realizing the fraud who is Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Today’s Sponsors: Tired of losing your hair? With Keeps, you can save your hair without leaving your couch. Get 50% OFF your first order by going to https://www.keeps.com/why Don’t give up on your resolution! Built Bar is the answer. Go to https://builtbar.com/ and use promo code NEWS20 to get 20% off your next order. Issuu is the all-in-one platform to create and distribute beautiful digital content. Get started with Issuu today for FREE or if you sign up for a premium account, you will get 50% off when you go to https://issuu.com/podcast and use promo code NEWS. ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! https://bit.ly/2KJHuwu ► Join BlazeTV! https://get.blazetv.com/ ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: https://theblaze.com/newsletters Connect with us on Social Media: http://twitter.com/BlazeTV http://instagram.com/TheBlazeTV http://facebook.com/BlazeMedia

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