Is It Okay To Be White? | Guest: John Doyle | Ep 128

The ADL says that being okay with the skin color you are born with may actually make you a bad person, if you’re white. I never fully understand the anti-caucasian hatred that has proliferated throughout our country, but sadly enough this over discrimination has caused great racial divides and left many people feeling guilty simply for the way they were born. So the question is, is it okay to be white? John Doyle joined Elijah in studio to discuss this hot topic. ________________________________________________________________ ⇩ FOLLOW JOHN DOYLE ⇩ YOUTUBE: WEBSITE: ________________________________________________________________ ⇩ TODAY’S SPONSORS ⇩ ROAD ARMOR: Support one of Slightly Offensive’s favorite American owned businesses. These guys make top quality steel bumpers to keep your car safe! 100% made in the USA and Texas strong, this is sure to be a favorite for years to come. Head to and use promo code BLAZE50 for 50% off your first order. AR500: Get the official armor of Slightly Offens*ve that I use at all of my rallies and events. I trust it to keep me safe and you should too. Go to today to see this special offer and use promo code “OFFENSIVE” at checkout for 20% OFF SCOREMASTER: The average person has 97 points… 97 POINTS they can quickly add to their credit score, but no idea how to get them. Imagine 97 points on top of your credit score if you’re refinancing your home, buying a car, or applying for credit. Go to to enroll in minutes… and see how many plus. ________________________________________________________________ Become a subscriber at BlazeTV use my code “ELIJAH” to get $10 off a full year ________________________________________________________________ Slightly Offens*ve Merch: ________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD AUDIO PODCAST & GIVE A 5 STAR RATING!: APPLE: SPOTIFY: (also available Google Podcasts & wherever else podcasts are streamed) ______________________________________________________________ ➤BOOKINGS/INQUIRIES: ELIJAH@SLIGHTLYOFFENSIVE.COM _________________________________________________________________ ⇩ SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩ ➤ ELI’S LINKTREE ➤ SAV’S LINKTREE ➤ INSTAGRAM ➤ PARLER ➤ TWITTER: ➤ FACEBOOK: _________________________________________________________________ The Idea Of A Free Society…For Kids! Head to for a unique book series that introduces the important ideas that schools no longer teach.

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