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BRILLIANT! Proud Patriots PUMMEL The Plotters! McInerney, Fanning, Lindell, Bannon, Shiva & More! – James Red Pills America


This is the LATEST BLAZING interview with our FAVORITE PATRIOTS, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, the MyPillow Man, Mike Lindell, National Security Expert Mary Fanning, the ticked off Dr. Shiva – all hosted by the amazing Steve Bannon! This AMAZING PANEL rips the Deep State a whole new one as they traverse the FACTS & PROOF behind the greatest Election Heist in World History! behind-the-scenes BUTT REAMING regarding the details covered in that amazing documentary! Hidden Secrets, never-before-revealed Juicy Tidbits of details not covered in the documentary. This INDEPTH DEEP DIVE into the World of the Demonic Democrats’ Dastardly Deeds will have you aching to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

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