Mark Levin: Biden’s “Lunch Bucket Lies” About the Vaccine Are Sickening

One year ago this month, as the world was slammed with an historic pandemic, the Trump administration fought against unprecedented odds to bring not one, but two vaccines to market in record time. But now, in just four weeks on the job, “Unity President” Joe Biden is attempting to smear Trump for not having enough vaccines ready. As Mark reveals, Biden is a serial plagiarist, and he’ll say and do anything to try to claim credit for the successes of the Trump administration and Operation Warp Speed. Now, will the mainstream media do ANYTHING to call out Biden’s lies? WATCH more Mark Levin: #blazetv #levin #marklevin ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! ► Join BlazeTV! ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: Connect with us on Social Media:

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