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Mike Cernovich’s ‘Hoaxed’ rips liberal media hypocrisy
This proves to show that our news is fake.
Amazon: “It’s not a technical issue. We don’t have to tell you why we removed Hoaxed.”
Documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich looks like he is the latest victim to big tech censorship.
Amazon appears to have banned Cernovich’s movie Hoaxed, a film that details the fake news phenomenon and the consequences of media misinformation, from its Prime Video service.
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The video had been available on the Amazon and was steadily climbing the ranks, making it into Amazon’s Top 50 documentaries, then Amazon removed it from the internet.
No doubt the ban, and the ensuing press that Cernovich has gotten, has likely turned more eyes onto the film, which is now the #1 documentary on iTunes. You can Watch the Full Banned Hoaxed Documentary, Right Here:

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