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STOP THE HATE!! Biden Is Here To Take Care Of Us! Bwahaha! Just Kidding! EPIC Stew Peters Rant!


We KNOW that they are ALL LIARS! It’s all out in the open! All of them, the ENTIRE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is comprised of Establishment Corrupt Career Politicians. Infected with the poisons of Bribery, Money, Power, Control, combined with under- or totally UN-qualified Swamp Creatures who gained their positions solely based on the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, their religious beliefs, their sexual preference or how many surgeries they’ve had to alter God’s plans in their lives. They’re overtly racist, they’re shallow, they have ZERO moral compass, they HATE America and their intent is to destroy our Great Republic, dismantle the structure of the Nuclear Family, engage in senseless and wasteful wars, tear the Constitution to shreds, cancel ANYONE who believes in the Spirit of Freedom & Liberty.. We know ALL of this…but there is SO MUCH MORE to know, so BUCKLE UP for this EPICALLY DELICIOUSLY Masterpiece with Stew Peters of Politically Correct Radio!

There is a #Great Awakening occurring this year, Patriots, which means that intelligence and perception is heightening. This is why there has been an unveiling of the Dark Secrets of the Cabal and of the #ShadowGovernments of the world – and THIS is why it is all starting to come into the perception and awareness of the SILENT MAJORITY. Fortunately there are people in high echelons of government and intelligence services here in America who are working tirelessly to stop the Elite Cabal. But WHO, exactly, are these Brave Soldiers….?!

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