Christian Conservatives BATTLE Pro-LGBT Republicans | C-TMZ | Ep 134

These people agree that the radical Left is out of control, but how to defeat them is a different story. We ask the serious question: How do we overcome the woke cancel culture Left that has spread through our society like cancer? Do we return to traditional conservative, Christian values or create a bigger-tent secular party that turns a blind eye to degeneracy and immorality?________________________________________________________________ ⇩ FOLLOW KARLYN BORYSENKO ⇩ TWITTER: YOUTUBE: ⇩ FOLLOW BLAIRE WHITE ⇩ TWITTER: YOUTUBE: ⇩ FOLLOW LAUREN WITZKE ⇩ INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: ⇩ FOLLOW JOHN DOYLE ⇩ YOUTUBE: WEBSITE: ________________________________________________________________ ⇩ TODAY’S SPONSORS ⇩ NORTHWEST RETENTION: If you’re looking for a high-quality holster for your firearms, trust the brand used by the Slightly Offens*ve team! Go to and enter promo code OFFENSIVE to get 10% off. MY PATRIOT SUPPLY: Do not wait until it’s too late. Get the food you need to protect yourself and the one’s you love that lasts up to 25 years. This is not a drill. Got to and make sure you are prepared for what’s coming in the years ahead. ________________________________________________________________ Become a subscriber at BlazeTV use my code “ELIJAH” to get $10 off a full year ________________________________________________________________ Slightly Offens*ve Merch: ________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD AUDIO PODCAST & GIVE A 5 STAR RATING!: APPLE: SPOTIFY: (also available Google Podcasts & wherever else podcasts are streamed) ______________________________________________________________ ➤BOOKINGS/INQUIRIES: ELIJAH@SLIGHTLYOFFENSIVE.COM _________________________________________________________________ ⇩ SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩ ➤ ELI’S LINKTREE ➤ SAV’S LINKTREE ➤ INSTAGRAM ➤ PARLER ➤ TWITTER: ➤ FACEBOOK: _________________________________________________________________ The Idea Of A Free Society…For Kids! Head to for a unique book series that introduces the important ideas that schools no longer teach.

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