Ex-Press Sec: Bad Sign for Kamala & the COVID Relief Swindle | Dana Perino | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dana Perino, Fox News host and author of Everything Will Be Okay, about signs that Kamala Harris is being kept out of important decisions, what she thinks of Jen Psaki, why the COVID relief bill is looking like a swamp created swindle and career advice with tricks for how to hide a gaps in employment as well as the truth about female breadwinners. First Dana shares her insights on Press Secretary Jen Psaki and how she has been able to handle her White House Press briefings and why she is better prepared to handle the White House press corps. She also gives her opinion on her need to “circle back” on various questions. She discusses how being a former White House Press Secretary for George W Bush gives her clues about what is really going on in the Biden administration. She thinks that the leak that Vice President Harris only found out about the air strikes in Syria after they occurred is proof that Kamala Harris is being pushed out of major decisions and that Joe Biden is in charge of this administration. Dana shares why she thinks the COVID-19 relief bill is a perfect example of corrupt politicians taking advantage of a crisis. She reveals some of the specifics of the so-called “American rescue plan” that the news media ignores that proves why the desire to “drain the swamp” was so strong. Most attention is on how much of a stimulus check the average American will get, while ignoring the many examples of political corruption in the bill. She also wonders how much longer the never ending money printing and expansion of the money supply can last before the laws of economics catch up with our scary levels of public debt. Dana shares some excellent advice for women in business. She shares how to explain gaps in employment by strategically creating an LLC during the gap that can actually improve your resume. She also shares tips for how successful women are able to climb the corporate ladder. She also shares her successful strategies for finding a work life balance, dealing with Zoom anxiety, and why there are so many opportunities for women owned businesses.

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