Biden’s Bizarre Mask Prediction & Law to Fire Cops for Wrongthink | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Joe Biden’s comment about the COVID vaccine that implies we’ll be wearing masks forever, California proposing a law that might make it possible for police officers to be removed for their religious beliefs, California theme parks reopening with no screaming allowed on rides, and smearing the Gavin Newsom recall supporters as far right crazies. First Dave shares a clip of Joe Biden addressing vaccine hesitancy where he states that we will need to wear masks until every single person gets the COVID 19 vaccine. Dave also details all the current insanity of California from San Jose city council’s Ash Kalra proposal to ban cops associated with arbitrarily defined hate groups, to no screaming allowed on the roller coasters of Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, or Disneyland. Finally Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Gavin Newsom use the same playbook to denounce the recall Newsom effort. Just deny reality and smear it as led by far-right Republican conspiracy theorists.


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