The Minds of Men 2018 (FULL MOVIE 3hr42min.)


“The Minds of Men” is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of social engineering and mind control during the Cold War – a mind-bending journey into the past that gives a startling insight into the world we are living in today.

The Documentary which almost runs for 4 hour begins with a look at how dark state agendas have performed mind control experiments upon it’s unsuspecting populations, you will learn of the programmes we know about and left to wonder about what we don’t know about.

If your familiar with the CIA’s infamous MK Ultra programme and think you know all there is to know, think again. This documentary delves far deeper down the rabbit hole and digs out some far more disturbing information relating to some of the sub-projects of MK Ultra.

Part I – Mind Control
Part II – Cybernetics
Part III – The Brain Doctors
Part IV – The Psychocivilized Society

Truthstreams Melissa and Aaron Dykes have outdone themselves this time and have produced one of the most compelling insights into the war on our minds, past, present and looking into the future.

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