Media Narrative Busted | 3/24/21

There may be some health risks to wearing a mask. Guess what: The Boulder shooter is not a white supremacist, nor is he a Trump supporter. There’s a new bill (not an annual budget) coming from the Biden administration worth up to $4 trillion, just weeks after a $1.9 trillion bill. Rich people don’t pay taxes or create jobs, but look at Amazon, which just passed over 1 million employees. A large shipping container is blocking the Suez Canal. The one and only Jeffy joins the show to chew the fat. An Icelandic volcano that was idle for 6,000 years just erupted, and there is drone footage to prove it. Biden had a speech yesterday, and all we can recognize is all the breathing and wheezing he is doing. Is he really okay? Many people from the Obama administration are returning to the White House with substantially more wealth than last time… Today’s sponsors: Are you losing your hair? Let’s do something about that! Go to for 50% off! Go to and use promo code PAT20 to get 20% off your next order. Real estate agents, I trust. The name kind of says it all. Go to Just go to and check them out today! Go to and click on the “Ship Nationwide” tab! ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Pat on Social Media:

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