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MSM Praises Biden’s Scripted & DISASTROUS Press Conference | The News And Why It Matters | Ep 745

President Biden conducted his first press conference, and people noticed that Biden had a cheat sheet. Does this prove that Biden is not in control? California foster parents are reporting that the state agency asked how many migrant children they can take — and asked if they could take “26 or more” minors. How is this legal? Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signs a new bill to help stop election fraud. Democratic state Rep. Park Cannon gets escorted out of the building after trying to interrupt Governor Kemp signing the bill. Isn’t this an insurrection? Ex-CDC director says on CNN that he believes COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab. #blazetv #bidenpressconference #newsandwhy Today’s Sponsors Try a wine that has 90% less sugar, fewer chemicals, and fewer additives. Visit https://cowgirlwine2021.com Unhappy with your smile? You don’t have to be! Thousands of people have used Candid — the clear, comfortable, removable, and practically invisible aligners to help straighten their teeth and now … they LOVE their smiles. Become your best “you!” Start straightening your teeth today. Right now, you can save $75 on Candid’s starter kit. Visit https://CandidCO.com/WHY Don’t give up on your resolution! Built Bar is the answer. Go to https://builtbar.com/ and use promo code NEWS15 to get 15% off your next order. ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! https://bit.ly/2KJHuwu ► Join BlazeTV! https://get.blazetv.com/ ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: https://theblaze.com/newsletters Connect with us on Social Media: http://twitter.com/BlazeTV http://instagram.com/TheBlazeTV http://facebook.com/BlazeMedia

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