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CONFIRMED! Biden’s FORCED VACCINES Coming! The Truth About Re-Education Vaccines & Mark of the Beast


Are ‘Forced Vaccinations’ going to be a reality?! What in the world are ‘Re-Education Vaccines’ they plan on forcing onto ‘Extremists’ (Patriots)…?! IT’S NO LONGER A MAYBE, BUT A DEFINITE, PATRIOTS! What you are about to learn, FOR THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE, is one of the MOST DISTURBING breaking news pieces I’ve heard in years. All this other ‘stuff’ that we’re worried about is NOTHING when compared to the EVIL that will be revealed in this video!

It is NOW BEEN ABSOLUTELY CONFIRMED that the Biden Regime is working toward MANDATING that people take the FORCED COVID-19 VACCINES! Is this, finally, THE MARK OF THE BEAST that we’ve all grown up learning about and fearing? You be the judge: Without the ‘Mark Of The Beast’, you will NOT be able to travel, buy the things you need to survive, hold a job or even travel between states. Sound familiar?! (Revelation 13: 16-18)

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! What is this about a ‘RE-EDUCATION VACCINE’ that will be FORCED upon all ‘Extremists’ – you know, us God-Fearing, Country-Loving Patriots who serve GOD and NOT the “God Of This World’ (Satan himself)….?!

Let’s travel down this TERRIFYING, VIRAL, MIND-BLOWING Rabbit Hole, shall we now, Patriots?!

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