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Amazon Unveils ORWELLIAN Tech to Track Your Life | Slightly Offens*ve

Amazon is introducing the latest technology that some would call “contact tracing”. Amazon One is a new technology that would allow you to use your palm for everyday activities. Seems great, until you realize it would be an even easier way for the government to track, target and ban whoever they wanted to. Watch the full episode of Slightly Offens*ve here: https://youtu.be/Cy6voqtXNa4 #slightlyoffensive #blazetv #amazonone ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! https://bit.ly/2KJHuwu ► Join BlazeTV! https://get.blazetv.com/ ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: https://theblaze.com/newsletters Connect with us on Social Media: http://twitter.com/BlazeTV http://instagram.com/TheBlazeTV http://facebook.com/BlazeMedia

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