Did CBS DECEPTIVELY Edit Gov. DeSantis in Publix Accusations? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 751

CBS’ “60 Minutes” aired a deceptively edited interview with Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding an alleged pay-to-play scheme with the grocery store chain, Publix. Will the network be held accountable for its false narrative? In addition to this, the media continues to spread the lie that Georgia’s new election law is “Jim Crow 2.0,” causing MLB to pull the All-Star game from being held in Atlanta. CNN’s Jim Acosta talks about “post-Trump stress disorder,” proving even more that MSM is struggling to move on from Donald Trump. We found out the identity of the man who ran his car into the U.S. Capitol last week, killing one officer, but the identity doesn’t match the media’s narrative, so you won’t be hearing too much about it. And lastly, NPR toys with the idea of wearing masks even after the pandemic ends to help prevent flu and cold transmissions.

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