CDC Director: Racism, the Next ‘Serious Public Health Threat’ | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 755

The CDC director has come out and stated that racism is a serious public health threat, and the CDC has echoed this belief in the website. How does racism connect with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? The Biden administration is coming for your guns, and states like Arizona are signing bills protecting gun owners. New York has a $2 billion fund for illegal immigrants, and the House GOP wants answers from President Biden. What happened to America first? YouTube and Gov. DeSantis are once again bumping heads after the governor made comments that don’t align with YouTube policy. The Biden administration continues to push a tax hike, and research shows that it could cost about 1 million jobs in the next two years. Again: What happened to America first?

Watch the FULL, UNCENSORED discussion of the DeSantis/YouTube showdown only at
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