Mark Levin: “Jim Crow” Joe and the Democrats Are the REAL Racists

Joe Biden is the Liar-in-Chief. From his past affiliations with segregationists, to his offensive, racist rhetoric, his cheating in law school, and his plagiarism during his presidential campaign, Joe is really the Teflon President. As he follows the democrat’s playbook and turns our nation to class-warfare, Mark exposes his hypocrisy. And with an eye-opening expose about Voter ID from Ami Horowitz, Mark reveals the lies of the bigots in the democrat party and their disdain for people of color. WATCH more Mark Levin: #blazetv #marklevin #joebiden ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! ► Join BlazeTV! ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: Connect with us on Social Media:

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