Patrick Byrne Interview with Dave Janda Operation Freedom 04/08/21


Patrick Byrne Interview with Dave Janda Operation Freedom: Jeff Bezos of Amazon Suppresses #1 Best Seller The Deep Rig Book in search results, details of key events in the book, ironclad proof or the election fraud, and Spy Affair. In this edition of Operation Freedom Insider Insight, Dr. Dave Janda sits down with Founder and Former CEO of Overstock, Dr. Patrick Byrne, to discuss additional components of the 2020 election fraud. They dissect the ideas and the tech behind the greatest election steal of all time. “Before the end of June, you will see the evidence produced. We now have the proof, and I mean the hardcore, ironclad proof. The Supreme court is going to have to take it. They can’t sweep this under the carpet.” 

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