Don’t Vax Me, Bro | 4/12/21

There will be two bingo winners this week! Members at a church in Canada tear down a wall preventing their congregation from meeting. The government responds by sending 200 riot police to arrest people. Notre Dame is requiring vaccination to enroll as a student at the college. Youth baseball players 12 and up are being required to wear masks during games. Colorado shuts down Johnson & Johnson vaccine site after 11 people got sick on the spot. Democrats try to change the meaning of infrastructure. Former House Speaker John Boehner slams Ted Cruz in new book. Joe Biden creates a commission to pack the Supreme Court. U.S. border agent finds and rescues a child abandoned in the middle of the desert. There is a nationwide shortage of ketchup! Black student at Albion College finds racist vandalism at school; turns out he is the culprit. Owner of Charlotte trucking company had $40,000 seized at Phoenix airport. Why?

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