Cult of the Branch Covidians | 4/15/21

Buffalo Stadium is going to require proof of vaccination to enter the stadium. Meanwhile, Texas and Florida continue to outperform locked-down states. Fauci doesn’t understand why. Would you prefer a robot or a human to perform your nasal COVID test? Scientists claim a new retinal scanner can detect COVID. U.S. ambassador claims that white supremacy is “woven into” our founding documents. A UFO appears to fly behind the Dragon Space Station. Are they actually looking at an alien spacecraft? Dave doesn’t manage to sell a single pillow. AOC struggles to explain the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Kamala Harris speaks about a possible maternal health crisis. She links this to potential racial bias. A Dollar Tree gets looted and burned to the ground because of the belief that the company is “profiting off poverty.” Democrats are preparing legislation to expand the Supreme Court. Project Veritas proves what we already know: CNN is propaganda for the Democrats.

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