The Mouse Goes Woke | 4/16/21

A man has an adverse reaction to a COVID vaccine in a drive-through vaccine distribution site. Liberals continue to sing songs about the COVID vaccine. Jim Jordan goes after Dr. Fauci on the House floor. States that shut down the longest have suffered the most economically? Who could have seen that coming? In Australia, a new warship was launched that cost $2 billion to make. They had an interesting initiation ceremony. Will there soon be 51 states in the U.S.? There have been transfers across incarceration sites related to prisoners’ gender identity. A monitor lizard spotted in a convenience store. Certain industries actually did well during the COVID pandemic. Disney parks are starting to allow “gender-flexible” costumes. Scripts are getting passed on because of racial equity reasons now. Steve Urkel from “Family Matters” is starting his own cannabis company to help market his Purple Urkel. Rob Reiner tweets that the “only way Republicans can maintain white supremacy is through voter suppression.”

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