Jaws Drop as Maxine Waters Appears to Call for Violence | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Maxine Waters inciting violence by telling protestors to get “more confrontational”, the Ontario lockdown turns into a dystopian police state, and Dr. Fauci tries to justify COVID restrictions for people even after they get the COVID vaccine. Over the weekend Maxine Waters traveled to Brooklyn Center to support BLM protesters protesting the death of Daunte Wright. Maxine said that if the Chauvin trial doesn’t end with guilty verdicts then protesters need to get “more confrontational”. Dave shares footage of some BLM riots from this past weekend and we’re not sure how they could get “more confrontational”. In COVID news Oregon is considering an indefinite mask mandate, while Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued a stay at home order so insane that portions of it were retracted after Canadian police refused to enforce it. The original order gave cops authority to stop people in their vehicles and ask their purpose of travel.


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