10 Words to Stop Using Now! | 4/21/21

Derek Chauvin convicted on all charges! Joe Biden calls George Floyd’s family to talk to them. The Left still isn’t satisfied with the verdict. Pelosi thanks Floyd for sacrificing his life? Greta Thunberg comes out with a new documentary where she travels across the globe as she meets with climate change leaders. There are more billionaires in the world, and the billionaires have gotten richer. All 22 massage therapists in the Deshaun Watson case are now found to be either lying or stretching the truth. Hayley Hasselhoff becomes the first plus-size model to appear on Playboy. The Oscars are this weekend, but they’re doing things differently. They’re also increasing the time for the winning speeches. “Fast and Furious 9” comes out soon, and 10 and 11 are already in the works. Robotic dogs are still being worked on, and they’re now improved and plentiful! The Daunte Wright case progresses, with the female police officer charged with manslaughter. Some of these cases don’t always seem to factor in all the information from the situation. Sniffing dogs give police an excuse to search your car without a warrant. One man had $65,000 in a safety deposit box. Being vaccinated now has a hand signal attached to it. Cigarette companies have started to add in menthol. A list comes out with words or phrases that now should be looked down on.

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