Don’t Exhale if You Love the Planet | 4/23/21

Outrage is still brewing over the Columbus shooting. Biden administration recently loosened restrictions on the abortion pill. U.S. House passes Washington D.C. statehood bill. A state is delaying white people from getting vaccines compared to other races. Pat and the guys break down nicknames that don’t match first names. Don Lemon speaks the truth about the Columbus shooting. O.J. Simpson has some words for LeBron James. An explosion was felt 20 miles away as gender reveals get more extreme. Watch this IKEA employee address difficult customers. Are you comfortable going to the movies again? A parent delivers a heartfelt message to a school board about masks on our children. John Kerry wants to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere, even though it’s necessary to all life. India is seeing major COVID spikes again, with over 300,000 cases in one day! Houston hospital wants to fire workers who refuse to take the vaccine.

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