A Dose of Hope? | Guest: Brandon Tatum | 4/29/21

Biden gave an address to a joint session of Congress last night. Did anyone actually watch it? He reveals some possible positive COVID numbers. To avoid generally higher taxes, he wants to tax the wealthy more. Biden pushes for corporations to “pay their fair share.” Biden mentions George Floyd’s “goal” to change the world on racial equality. He claims gun violence has now become an epidemic in America. Joy Reid, who just got vaccinated, talks to a doctor on MSNBC and says she wore two masks while out at the park and saw 95% of other people still wearing theirs. This is after Joe Biden reveals that it’s not necessary to wear masks outdoors after being vaccinated. Brandon Tatum, a former police officer and author of “Beaten Black and Blue,” joins the show. He talks about the outreach of his organization, Blexit. He also talks about using actual facts to debunk some of the current nonsensical ideas in America.

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