Joe Biden’s Butt Mask | 4/30/21

The Biden address numbers are in. It went from 30 million viewers last year all the way down to 11 million this year. In New Delhi, 37 doctors have tested positive for COVID-19. Has Biden spent 19 trillion in his first 100 days? Is 16 years of education too much for American children? There is no travel ban from India despite surging COVID numbers. The NFL draft began last night. Studies show liberalism is a sign of mental illness. Joe Biden loses his mask, and Dr. Jill rejects his gift. Is it “bold-face lie” or “bald-face lie”? Georgia politician Stacey Abrams plans to write more erotic novels. Kamala Harris agrees with Tim Scott that America is not racist, yet there is no backlash from the Left. Pathead Emily shares her allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine. A wave of police beatings and shootings are happening around the country. Anti-discrimation group is challenging Coca-Cola. Lady Gaga’s dognappers have been arrested. Someone was arrested for trying to smuggle singing birds into the country. Today’s sponsors: Here’s a special offer to get you started. Order now and get your second bottle free. Visit Just go to and check them out today! Go to and use promo code PAT20 to get 20% off your next order. ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Pat on Social Media:

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