The Latest COVID Accessory! | 5/3/21

Even CNN admits that Biden is a liar! Could a voice of reason actually be coming from Caitlyn Jenner? Now there are bracelets you can put on that show that you are COVID-19 vaccinated. Some SNL cast members have decided not to appear alongside Elon Musk. BYU had the most NFL draft picks ever west of the Mississippi this year. Texas is recording low COVID-19 numbers across the board. SpaceX returns to Earth! One of China’s space launchers doesn’t detach and is now set to come crashing down to Earth any time now. Warren Buffet is raising his commodity prices to account for the pandemic. Joe Biden has some powerful statements about his new Amtrak systems. Basecamp CEO bans certain tweets and a third of the workforce promptly leaves. Tim Scott is a slave to the GOP? Tamar Robotics is developing new technology that could help prevent damage during brain surgery. Scientists believe human augmentation could be here before we know it.

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