Civilian Climate Corps | 5/6/21

Almost none of the Left’s climate predictions have come true! A civilian climate corps has been formed to help battle the “climate emergency.” John Kerry has invested in Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation. Man wears an entire greenhouse on his head instead of a mask. A Buddhist monk chops off his head to aid in his travels in the afterlife. Someone bursts into a Costco and remarks on the tyranny of still wearing masks. A group of protesters wear sheep masks into a store to make a statement. A stage play had the entirety of the people inside wearing masks, including the actors! Masks and now COVID test swabs are being made in unsanitary environments. The CEO of Peloton, John Foley, does a turnaround and recalls the company’s treadmills due to safety concerns. Herd immunity is now apparently not applicable to COVID any more. People suspect Joe Biden wants to keep the mask mandate for at least another year. The CDC has now equated all the side effects from the vaccines with personal anxieties.

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