What Is ‘Price Gouging’? | 5/12/21

Several states have declared a state of emergency over the oil pipeline shutdown. Over 120 former military officers have written letters warning people about Biden’s new tyrannical policies. Dr. Fauci is now saying that mask-wearing is going to become permanently seasonal? Instakids!, social media for kids under 13, is coming. Happy 90th birthday to Willie Mays! The WHO has now classified the COVID variant from India as a global concern. The fan votes are out for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future Raynard Jackson has spoken out on voter suppression. The vaccine is now ready for kids 12-15. There are still some issues with side effects and even bribery to get the vax. The Pfizer CEO has apparently not even gotten his own vaccine. A parent in Pittsford School District goes off on another school board to start reopening the schools. Amy Klobuchar tries to go off on Ted Cruz, to little success. 48% of voters oppose Facebook’s permanent ban on Donald Trump. Fans are frustrated at a possible double standard between Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick.

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