The Real History of Conflict in Israel | 5/13/21

There’s no ambassador to Israel? The Israel-Palestine conflict rages on. If you get the vaccine in Ohio, you have a shot at winning $1,000,000! CNN dropped a story on how to “cautiously hug.” Michael Smerconish says we have to shun people now if they don’t get vaccinated. We’re experiencing gas shortages and inflation akin to 1978 during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Sky News Australia issues strong criticism of Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. Law enforcement has pledged to dedicate resources to battle “domestic violent extremists” who are racially or ethnically motivated. Dwayne Johnson has announced he’s going to wait until 2032 to run for president. Americans are evenly divided on Joe Biden’s presidential performance. It snowed in Denver, Colorado? The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees are announced. Some might be a stretch. The U.S. Army releases a recruitment video that purely promotes and glorifies all-inclusion.

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