Joe Biden’s Message to Drivers | 5/14/21

Fighting continues in Israel, and Pat gives a history lesson on the ongoing conflict. Pat enjoys another animal video. The results are in from the Cake or Pie poll. Portugal unveils the largest suspension bridge in the world. Would you dare walk across? In an interview with Chris Cuomo, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky refers back to variants when pressed on returning to normal. The CDC announces that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks. Biden gives us two choices. The FBI seized about $100,000 in metals from a family’s safe deposit box. Joe Biden has “no comment” on the ransom that was paid for the pipeline, and he tries to answer spontaneous questions. What drives the drivers? Biden is announced to have a medical evaluation. Congratulations to Monique in New Jersey for winning this week’s Bingo! Liberals attack Elon Musk for flashing the “OK” sign. Bill de Blasio gives a daily briefing while eating lunch. College football may be back to full capacity this fall! Ohio wants to give five people $1 million if they get vaccinated. College soccer player was benched after refusing to kneel and protest.

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