The Final Straw: Why Big Tech Needs to Be Broken Up Now | Josh Hawley | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri about why Democrats have learned to love the Big Tech monopoly, the tense private meeting he had with Mark Zuckerberg, and the details hidden in the anti-Asian hate crime bill. First Josh discusses how the Facebook ban of former President Donald Trump has proven that the tech monopolies have become too powerful to be regulated. The tech giants now seem willing to do the bidding of Democrats who threaten them with regulation if they don’t censor more speech on their tech platforms. He also discusses why section 230 reform should be scrapped for a complete elimination of the section 230 protections that are provided to the Big Tech social media platforms. He suggests that the time has come to break up Big Tech. Next Josh discusses what breaking up the big tech monopoly would actually look like and why a push for big tech antitrust could bring back competition to social media platforms. He shares why the Google monopoly of search and advertising creates a massively unfair advantage. Josh also shares the details of his private meeting with Mark Zuckerberg and what question made Zuckerberg angry. He also shares the details from a Facebook whistleblower about Facebook’s secret surveillance program used on it’s users called Centra. Josh gives his thoughts on the difference between equality and equity and the dangers of the identity politics of the Democratic party. He gives his reasoning why he voted against the anti-Asian hate crimes bill proposed by Mazie Hirono as well as some of the dangerous details hidden inside it. He also discusses the desire of mainstream media to create the impression that there is a Republican civil war when in reality there is no such conflict in the eyes of the average Republican voter. He discusses how the future of the Republican party needs to be pro-worker as well as pro-family.

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