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Biden Puts America Last | 5/19/21

An 8-year-old girl stands up to her school board! Joe Biden supports a Russian pipeline but shuts down ours? Biden sends COVID-19 money from Americans to illegal aliens. Surprise, the Biden gaffes continue! Jeffy from “Chewing the Fat” is here, and the Patheads have weighed in to give him a new intro song! Demi Lovato shared today that she officially identifies as non-binary. Charmin has a new TV ad, and it is a lot funnier than what Saturday Night Live has been putting out lately. Speaking of SNL, the show had its worst TV ratings ever last weekend. Democrat Juan Williams blames President Trump’s Middle East peace for Israel’s problems today. Watch this video of a handful of Palestinians forcing a member of the LGBTQ+ to leave their protest; they wanted no part of this man. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study shows that conservatives know and understand science better than liberals. The study mentions that the Right relies on and uses facts and statistics far more than the Left. The U.S. Army has a plan to begin fighting climate change. Self-identifying Catholic Chris Cuomo on CNN had this to say regarding Mississippi and its plan to fight abortion. It’s astonishing. A man goes off on why there isn’t any gas, trashes Biden, and demands that he “wants his Trump back!” Wait a second, diesel-powered generators provide power to the Tesla powering stations? That doesn’t make sense. Today’s sponsors: Real estate agents, I trust. The name kind of says it all. Go to https://www.realestateagentsitrust.com Go to http://www.builtbar.com and use promo code PAT20 to get 20% off your next order. ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: https://www.blazetv.com/Pat Connect with Pat on Social Media: http://twitter.com/patunleashed http://facebook.com/patunleashed

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