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Pro-Vax Plan: Bribe. Shame. Destroy. | 5/20/21

In a Texas Senate hearing, a doctor claims that natural immunity should last a lifetime! Canada may not require parental consent to vaccinate children. Joe Biden test-drives a truck. A comparison is made of Russia’s and the United States’ military ads. The Israel-Palestine conflict continues, and Trump finally somehow gets blamed. Palestinian kids are already reciting poems that invite hatred and violence. Kamala Harris donated a whole 1% of her income to charity causes. The Red Cross announces that it doesn’t want plasma from vaccinated people. The European Union is now issuing digital certificates to show proof of vaccination or negative test results. A young woman speaks about the cause and effect of creation. Chicago had to release 1,000 feral cats onto the streets to battle the rat population. Also in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is only granting interviews to black or brown journalists. Procter & Gamble is getting targeted because of its skin-whitening products. A ridiculous report comes out on what life could look like in 2050 due to the possible effects of climate change. Today’s sponsors: Real estate agents, I trust. The name kind of says it all. Go to https://www.realestateagentsitrust.com Go to http://www.builtbar.com and use promo code PAT20 to get 20% off your next order. ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: https://www.blazetv.com/Pat Connect with Pat on Social Media: http://twitter.com/patunleashed http://facebook.com/patunleashed

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