Is Your Nerf Gun Registered? | 5/27/21

Joe Biden’s ATF nominee was grilled by Republicans in his Senate hearing Wednesday. David Chipman can’t define an “assault weapon” but he still wants to ban them. Rand Paul rants about unnecessary government spending. Beto O’Rourke is thinking about running for governor of Texas. A Michael Jackson soundboard makes an appearance. Christmas takes on a COVID theme. William Shakespeare just passed away. LEGO reveals its new gender-less bricks without male or female connectors. Joe Biden claimed to a reporter that his 2020 rival, Donald Trump, campaigned on the idea that black Americans were taking jobs from white Americans. Officials keep going back and forth whether to investigate the Wuhan lab or not. A school has told Lydia Booth, a third grader, that she couldn’t wear a mask with religious affiliations. A top biological female track runner in Connecticut gets repeatedly beaten by transgender females. A woman is seen walking with a mask on her dog. New vaccinated-themed jewelry has come out! A Colorado ethnic studies professor has claimed that white supremacy has caused black Americans to racially attack Asians. John Staddon, a professor from Duke, has been removed from an email group after posing a series of gender-related questions.

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