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SPECIAL BROADCAST! ‘Fight Like A Flynn!’ In BEAST MODE About The Weaponized Operation By Our Enemies – James Red Pills America


In this Memorial Day Weekend SPECIAL BROADCAST, General Michael Flynn gets DOWN & DIRTY with Ed Martin in this AMAZING and EPIC interview, which took place just yesterday, May 27, 2021. General Flynn talks about America as being the ‘True North Star’ of the world, as people from across the globe all look to our Great Nation to be the Beacon of Stability for the entire planet. Genl. Flynn does NOT MINCE WORDS when discussing POTUS Trump, the election, and WHERE THIS COUNTRY IS HEADED UNLESS WE ALL TAKE A STAND and STOP the systematic REMOVAL OF MORALS & VALUES from our society! It was asked in the interview: “When did the Democrats Remove God From Their Political Platform..?” The answer may surprise you! Why did we start this great nation..?! I’ll give you a clue: It’s called the Bill Of Rights! In this MAGICALLY EPIC and SPECIAL interview, we’ll go over ALL THAT and SO much more! Happy Memorial Day, Patriots!

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