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The Alex Jones Show 05/28/21


EXCLUSIVE: Deep State Planning To Indict Trump On 4th Of July. As more and more election and voter fraud evidence is uncovered, Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live via Skype to reveal how the deep state will strike back at Trump with phony indictments on Independence Day. Also, Morgan Kahmann, the former Facebook employee who blew the whistle with Project Veritas, joins to break down how the social media platform was censoring important vaccine information before it was posted by users, and he lays out how to take down Facebook once and for all. In the fourth and final hour, Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters as he hosts the Alex Jones Show to issue a warning about the COVID vaccines and their undeniable link to new cases of myocarditis, also know as heart inflammation, that can often times be fatal to the victims of inoculation.

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