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NEW BOMBSHELL Interview! FAKE President Joe Biden Will Be FORCIBLY REMOVED After Audit! – James Red Pills America


WHO IS THIS MORONIC TURNCOAT, ROGER STONE, ANYWAY..?!?! You’re about to find out that he’s just THAT: a Mindless, Drivel-Spewing IDIOT who falsely (and unintelligibly) SWEARS that even AFTER the Arizona Audit PROVES BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT that the 2020 Election was STOLEN from POTUS Trump by the Evil, Devil-Worshipping FREAKS of the Deep State Cabal (helped along by their MINDLESS MINIONS, the Democrats, and completely in CAHOOTS with their Complicit Cohorts, the RINOs), that Brainless Joe will REMAIN in Office as the as the most POWERFUL, INSTALLED PUPPET in the world! Well, I’ve got some BOMBSHELL NEWS for ya, Patriots: THAT IS A TOTAL LOAD OF CRAP! As a matter of fact, this video lays out HARD and VERY PERSUASIVE EVIDENCE to the contrary. So BUCKLE UP for this WILD RIDE and ENJOY THE SHOW!

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