Following the Science All the Way to the Bank | 6/10/21

The January 6 insurrection is now reported to have cost $30 million in damages. Fauci struggles to defend against his new email scandal. Glenn Beck retracts his apology to Barack Obama. An elderly man is attacked at Venice Beach. Jill Biden has to tell Joe to pay attention while talking to the U.S. military. A psychology article claims that whiteness is a “malignant and parasitic” condition. Lester Holt challenges Kamala Harris about her going to the border. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, was slapped by one of his citizens. A new study claims that hydroxychloroquine increases the life expectancy of COVID patients by 200%! A city in India began using ivermectin and saw a 99% drop in COVID cases! Hunter Biden caught using the N-word. Will he face any consequences? Callers talk about their COVID stories. Some NFL players are adamant that they will not get vaccinated. Hospital workers are suing their hospitals for requiring employees to get vaccinated.

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