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GOP Rep.: ‘Dismayed’ Right Is Disrespecting FBI with 1/6 False Flag Claims – Pete Santilli Show


A GOP lawmaker who voted to impeach President Trump in February is “dismayed” that conservatives are disrespecting the FBI by believing the Capitol protest on January 6 was a “false flag” operation. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), a former FBI agent himself, joined CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday to come to the defense of the bureau he had worked for for 14 years.  “I will tell you, being a lifelong FBI agent, I will tell you starting in New York, ending in LA and serving across the globe when I got sworn into Congress in 2017, I’ve been very, very taken back and dismayed at the disrespect that law enforcement is being given across the board, both on the left and the right, quite frankly,” Fitzpatrick told host Dana Bash.  “On the left with local police and on right with the FBI in fact, just this week, the FBI got attacked twice, once from my Democratic colleagues on the intel committee on which I sit and later by my colleagues on the right who are coming up with this theory that somehow FBI is behind January 6th, which is incredibly irresponsible.”  “Anybody who understands the criminal code knows that a federal agent cannot engage in a conspiracy, because they’re acting within the scope of their employment. So the facts don’t even follow. I think the rhetoric is dangerous, and it has to stop.”  https://thepetesantillishow.com/archives/17987 
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He has shared his wealth of knowledge and expertise on various podcasts, events and radio shows including Crow777, UK Column, Veritas Radio, Revolution Radio, SGT report and Lou Collins Radio show, where he has a weekly show called the Good Life.
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