War Room with Owen Shroyer 06/28/21


We Are All Britney Spears Now: How Her Conservatorship Parallels COVID Medical Tyranny. Plenty of news breaking as Owen Shroyer goes live on The War Room. CNN hosts getting roasted at the Trump rally and in D.C. by Republican politicians. Jen Psaki claims Republicans are defunding the police in one of the biggest lies she’s ever told, right before supporting U.S. Olympians protesting the country on the podium. Mayor Adler of Austin, Democrat, one-ups Psaki saying Austin never defunded the police. All of this is easily proven but Democrats are attempting to cover up the massive crime wave they’ve called. Owen points out the massive irony of the Free Britney movement that is also currently being put into medical tyranny. More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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